Citrus Diet: 14 lbs Less In 2 Weeks

This diet is efficient in burning down the fat and thanks to it you can lose up to 14 lbs in two weeks.

Drink fresh squeezed lemon juice with warm water every morning if you want to stimulate the digestion and to eliminate the excess lbs. When your digestive tract isn’t working as it should, our body isn’t able to absorb the nutritive needed to burn down the fat.

The strong feeling of being hungry appears because of the lack of unfertilized nutritive materials. The bad digestion leads to toxins precipitation in the body, and because of that we feel indolent and unwilling. This problem can be solved if you include citruses in your diet, not only the juice but also the skin.

The citrus acid regulates the digestion

The first step in losing weight is the regulation of the digestion. To improve the work of the digestive tract you need to stimulate the secretion of the stomach juices, and that’s what the citruses do.

According to some nutritionist, lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerines are really rich with citrus acid, which combine with other acid and enzymes stimulates the secretion of this juices, and whit it the digestion.

A glass of warm water with lemon juice is a great way to increase your energy and as “vitamin’s injection”. Thanks to its bitterness, the lemon juice neutralizes the food’s bad influence on our health.

It prevents the rise of the blood sugar level which comes naturally with the food consumption. The lemon is full with fiber pectin which helps fighting the hunger and it has an important role in the improvement of the digestion and the elimination of the unwanted materials. The warm water serves for the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. – say the scientists.


A simple diet with a few strict rules

There are few different diets more or less strict, which base their menu on this fruit. We are going to introduce you the less strict diet with a healthy balanced menu. So without feeling hungry, tired or having headache. Furthermore, without the fear that after the diet you are going to regain half of the lost weight. This drink will make your bodyline perfect.

Rules you should follow

Although there are few rules you should follow in order to eliminate the excess of lbs and to shape up your figure.

  • Before anything, you need to drink lemon and orange juice with warm water every morning. Moreover, you need tea and coffee as less as possible, and avoid the alcohol, sugary and fuzzy drinks.
  • You need to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetable every day, especially the citruses. At least one meal should contain lemon juice and skin during the day.
  • In this diet you don’t have to count the calories, but the portions should be moderated and eat in specific time every day.
  • Get away from the ingredients like white bread, rice, potatoes and cereals. They increase the blood sugar level which results with the fat precipitation. Eat unrefined rice, green vegetables, protein food, and fruit with a low sugar level.
  • Avoid processed food, because it contains the hidden sugar and chemicals which slow down the work of the pancreas and problems the digestion.
  • Eat fresh food. It’s recommended to have a vegetable salad with each lunch and dinner.
  • Do not overtake the low fat food. Your body needs some fats too and the best thing to do is to use certain ingredients with unsaturated fat acids. They can be found in the olive oil and the fish the most.
  • Regular physical activity is needed. It’s enough to practice aerobic exercises five time a week in duration of a half an hour. Regular training in combination with the citrus diet will make you fell slimmer and full with energy in two weeks’ time.